Nabulsi Leefa Kit

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This kit includes one each of hand-sized exfoliating LEEFA for use as body scrub, LEEFA back scrub, and a 2.5 inch LEEFA disc facial scrub. The all-natural LEEFAs are packaged in an elegant and authentic Aztec sachet with a drawstring and is crafted from non-toxic premium 100% Egyptian cotton. This beautiful sachet is durable and reusable for small gifts, candy, coffee beans and jewelry. 

LEEFA (also known as LOOFA or LUFFA) is a dried-out tropical fruit that belongs to the genus "Luffa". It is used throughout the Mediterranean world as a natural and very effective tool to exfoliate the skin and remove dirt and dead skin. The result is a clean, smooth and beautiful skin. LEEFA is also known to stimulate the body's blood circulation, resulting in a a feeling of freshness and renewed energy. While LEEFA may be used daily by itself, best results can be achieved by using it with soap.

This kit also includes a 100% natural soap, known in the Middle East as Nabulsi Soap (in relation of the city of Nablus in the Holy Land). Nabulsi soap is made from extra virgin olive oil, using the same recipe developed many centuries ago. Nabulsi soap making is one of the oldest traditional industries in that part of the world. The soap does not produce much foam, but it is very effective in cleansing and removing bad odors (food, sweat, etc.) from your skin. The soap cube is packaged separately in a beautiful gift box. 

The volcanic Pumice Stone included in this kit is used as a natural tool to effectively remove dead skin, calluses and corns in feet. It is packaged separately in another Egyptian cotton sachet.

The kit also includes a natural creme that is used to hydrate the skin after a long bath or shower. The creme is also packaged separately in a beautiful gift box.

Kit contents:

1. hand-sized exfoliating LEEFA for use as body scrub

2. LEEFA back scrub

3. LEEFA disc facial scrub

4. Natural Pumice Stone (foot scrub)

5. Nabulsi Soap cube

6. Natural Hand & Body Lotion, unscented

Packaged in attractive gift box.

100% Natural product.

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