Black Mud Mask, plain, Face & Hair, DELUXE EDITION

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Black Mud  for face and hair treatment. It comes from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, North Africa. It has been used for centuries to cleanse the skin of dirt, oil and dead skin resulting in a skin that is soft to the touch and beautiful to look at. It is also used as a natural shampoo that leaves the hair clean, smooth and silky. If used as directed in the enclosed instructions, this kit contains enough material for 5-6 applications.

Kit includes:

1. Black Mud Mask, plain
2. Mud Mixing Bowl, with mixing spatula
3. Ceramic Measuring Spoon
4. Cosmetic Application Brush 
5. Rose Water Bottle
6. Rose Water Sprayer
7. Hand & Body Lotion, natural, unscented

Packaged in attractive gift box.

Detailed instructions and a demonstration video for using this and other products can be found under the Product Info Tab or by clicking here